The Employee Work Passion Assessment

An Award-Winning Assessment

The Employee Work Passion Assessment (EWPA) is an award-winning assessment that provides organizations with an easy and reliable way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their current corporate culture. It measures the Organizational, Job and Relationship dimensions, key work intentions, and the employees’ assessment about how they feel about their jobs.

If your organization doesn’t have a clear understanding of your employees’ perceptions of your culture, you may never understand what may be hindering employees from doing their best and keeping them from achieving optimal performance and success.

A Clear and Actionable Roadmap

The EWPA provides organizations with a rigorously validated snapshot of 12 factors and five key intentions that drive great performance. Through our proprietary Organizational Fingerprint you’ll get a “unique-to-you” roadmap that shows you how each factor influences each intention in your organization, which clarifies where to start your journey toward greatness.

We Measure What Matters

When we developed the EWPA, we started with a rigorous meta-analysis of dozens of academic papers to discern the most important dimensions that impact behavior change. We paired this rigorous analytics to narrow the scope of the dimensions to focus on what mattered most to organizational vitality. Then we vetted the assessment with four tests that would ensure the validity of the assessment.

Validated Dimensions with Statistically Correlated items

Subscales are more powerful and meaningful than single item constructs. When we built the EWPA we started with 8 items and through rigorous statistical analysis honed each subscale to the three most strongly correlated items. Extended research yielded four additional factors that have been correlated in contemporary academic studies.