The EWPA Difference

What Makes the EWPA Unique

Rigorous Validation

Validated with construct, content, predictive and discriminant reliability tests

Academic Awards

Four awards for academic excellence

Go Beyond Engagement

The EWPA is a measure of perception and intentions and how those drive behavior and performance NOT simply a measure of engagement which is just a measure of satisfaction and not actionable

A Measure of Cognition

An analysis of what your employees think about what is happening in the organization and how they intend to behave as a result

Grounded in Science

With common sense delivery

It’s NOT About the Manager

Neither employees nor their mangers have the power to drive all aspects of Work Passion. Some factors can be influenced by either group but not all

Powered by Qualtrics

The most engaging and powerful survey platform in the world

Global Scalability

Available in multiple languages

Discover Your Unique Organizational Thumbprint

Your personalized roadmap to success that illuminates the dimensions that drive intentions in your organization