The Model

Employee Work Passion is, “An individual’s persistent, emotionally positive, meaning –based state of well-being stemming from continuous, reoccurring cognitive and affective appraisals of various job and organizational situations, which results in consistent, constructive work intentions and behaviors.”

Go Beyond Engagement

Employee engagement surveys have become increasingly popular. But the problem with most engagement measures is three-fold.

  1. They only measure three levels of engagement: engaged, disengaged, or actively disengaged, but typically not a measure of active engagement.
  2. The measurement is often focused on a state satisfaction which doesn’t imply a sense of an individual’s intention to behave in ways that improve the organization nor do they provide organizations with a clear roadmap of what to do next.
  3. Engagement is a measure of satisfaction, but not a predictor of behavior. Intentions have been statistically proven the measure behavior.

The secret component of Employee Work Passion is that it is a measure of a state of active engagement and intentions that are influenced by key dimensions in the workplace that either drive or suppress active engagement. With this deep knowledge and awareness, organizations have a clear understanding and roadmap of what will hold them back and what will propel them forward.

Highly Actionable

The EWPA provides organization with a rigorously validated snapshot of 12 factors and five key intentions that drive great performance. Through our proprietary Organizational Fingerprint you’ll get a “unique-to-you” roadmap that shows you how each factor influences each intention in your organization.

It’s Not About the Manager

There’s a misconception that the key reason people leave a job because of their manager. We have found in our research that more often a person’s choice to leave has to do with the perception of a multitude of factors that are either present or not present in the workforce, not the least of which are growth opportunities and a send of fairness. That’s a key reason we built those dimensions into our assessment.