What We Measure

The EWPA uses validated subscales like Growth, Fairness, Performance Expectations, Collaboration, Connectedness, Meaningful Work, and many more. You’ll see how your scores rate in each area as well as how your organization performs against our global database.

And we measure 5 areas of intention:

  • Intent to Stay
  • Organizational Citizenship
  • Performance
  • Discretionary Effort
  • Endorsement

Explaining the Factors

Organization Factors

Job Factors

Relationship Factors

Distributive Fairness

Resources, compensation, and workloads are fair and balanced

Meaningful Work

Employees understand and resonate with the organization’s purpose and believe they are working on projects that matter and produce positive results

Connectedness to Leader

Leaders make an effort to build rapport, and personal and professional relationships

Procedural Fairness

Policies and procedures are consistently and fairly applied

Workload Balance

Employees feel they have ample time to accomplish their work

Connectedness to Colleagues

Colleagues make an effort to build rapport, and personal and professional relationships


Employees feel they have opportunities for current job and future career growth


Employees can choose how tasks are performed, are trusted to do their jobs, and have the authority to make decisions


The organization encourages the sharing of ideas, teamwork, and collaboration on projects and tasks

Performance Expectations

Employees feel that their work is compared to an agreed-upon standard and understand what is expected of them

Task Variety

Employees feel that they have variety in both the type of tasks and the complexity of tasks


Employees receive adequate feedback on performance and are recognized for improvements and ideas